Cooking 3D

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A fusion of cooking and ASMR


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Cooking 3D is a casual game that fuses cooking with ASMR to create satisfying gameplay. In this game, you can cut, crush, and roll various foods for the simple reason of enjoying doing so.

Cooking 3D has all kinds of tasks to do. You'll begin by chopping vegetables with a sharp knife and then cut various fruits into thin slices. In other levels, you'll have to cut a cake into pieces in a way that's similar to popular ASMR soap-cutting videos.

Each task in Cooking 3D has unique gameplay. For example, you'll have to tap the screen to cut vegetables, and swipe to flatten other foods. You can also make specialty create pancakes in by pouring the batter in the batter in the pan to create the required shape and squeeze fruit to make juice. In Cooking 3D you can do almost anything you can imagine with food. Not only that, but you'll get a final score at the end of each level.

Cooking 3D is a simple but fun game with attractive, colorful vector graphics. It's the perfect game for killing some time.